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Amazing News!!!

January 7, 2006

I am going back to school! I applied (and have been accepted to) Kaplan University* (Online) for their Internet/Web Development certificate program. I will be learning web design, networking, SQL databases, and the like.  (I’m so excited!!)

Pending my financial aid, I start classes January 25.  So soon! It is a 10-week course, and is substantially more than Community College, but all of my books will be included in my tuition, and I can roll my credits over to a degree program if I want. Also, I’ll have access to the University of Alabama’s research library (they’ll even scan and e-mail periodicals if I need them, or ship me books and I can hold them for 90 days!) This is a great step for me because it will give me the opportunity to get used to the rigors of academia again, before I start on my degree full-force.  My only hurdle now, other than waiting for financial aid, is my deposit.  If anyone feels lead to help me out with that, please contact me (e-mail:, AIM: RedEpps2BL8r, phone/mail – e-mail me and I will pass that on to you, if needed).

I am trusting God for this, and am leaving it in His hands, believing that He will work it out to the end result that is best.

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