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April 26, 2006

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"A case can be made that there are two constant drivers for technology innovation: war and sex."

Now, this is a business article, aimed at CIO's, etc. but I think we can learn a lesson from it: Why is the p0rn industry driving development? Why isn't the church? I mean, don't we have a better, far more productive message to get across?

This is, I think, indicative of the attitude some in the church have taken: We'll just ride on the coatails of what the world produces, and maybe tweak it to what we need – for example Christian music – most anyway (some like Phil, Marty, et al stand out); Christian movies and books – we've got publishers and authors giving in to the pressures of the mass market instead of standing out and being unique.
We need to get out of this rut, and start being unique – let's claim the heritage we've been given – especially The Salvation Army (I say that only because of my familiarity with them, since I am a soldier and all)(note to Sallies: See, I didn't sugar-coat it and say "member" to explain it to non-Sallies – let's be proud of who we are and what we believe). In the early days, we stood out because we didn't just do what was "popular," we used the methods and means that we knew would: 1) Attract the people's attention with something that stood out, not just the same-old/same-old; and 2) Present the Gospel (which will keep their attention once we grab it) in an accurate, concise fashion, and not detract from it. We have, in many cases, moved away from this model (which I believe is the legacy of our heritage passed down through the generations), into a model of mimcry of the world. Now, please understand, it's one thing to play on a popular phrase or ad campaign, if that is what the people will recognize, but let's not become dependant on that. (Note, for example, the Youth Councils 2005 use of "Be Free" and the play on the iPod ad campaign – very clever, guys! :))


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