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Cali – Day One – PHL to DEN

October 28, 2006

10.27.06 // onboard my flight from Philadelphia to Denver

 God is good! I’m on the first leg of my journey from Philly to San Fran.  I’ve been showered with blessings ever since I found out about this opportunity.  First, God provided over $150 in spending money through friends. Talk about giving more than we can ask or imagine!!!  Through the way it worked out, I was able to get stuff I needed to bring with me beforehand, get a bus “passport” for 3 days, and have money to spend!  Bill (dear, darling CSM Bill :-)) picked me up at 8:00 AM and we were at the airport, with my baggage checked, by 8:45 AM (and that with a Wawa stop!)  Thank you, Lord, for curbside check-in!  It was smooth sailing from there on out.  While Bill parked, I went to getmy tickets, and by the time Bill got back to the terminal, I was ready to head to the gate.

 Bill went with me to the gate, and stayed with me as long as he could.  I went through security and got my gate with time to spare!   When I got to the gate, I ask the attendant if it was possible to place me next to an empty seat, I was told the flight was booked. I would have to grin and bear squeezing into an airline seat…(Hey, 3 hours on a lace can’t be as bad as 24 on a train to FL….)

 But, this is the awesome part – the person across the aisle from me had an empty seat next to her and she offered to switch!! AND – the erson I ended umoving next to was the most pleasant person I’ve ever met!  The person behind me asked the attendant for a seatbelt extender, so I would be safer and comfortable, and my seatmate showed me some travel tips/tricks of the trade.  (Turns out she was a flight attendent “deadheading” home, which I didn’t find out until the end of the flight!)  The in-flight movie was “The Lake House” with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. (But, the screen kept flickering and  couldn’t watch it….yes, I know I’m an A/V snob…..:-))   Even though I couldn’t watch movie, I could enjoy in-flight XM satellite radio! How cool is that?!?!?!  My favorite songs came on, all in succession – All-American Rejects, Daniel Powter, Shakira (Hey, Nikki, I thought of you!), Panic! At The Disco….They even had complimetnary Mt. Dew!!!!! (and, Mrs. Wittenberg and mrs. Murray, and Capt. ad Nancy, and Nikki, they had Starbucks coffee in-flight too!)


Well, we’re passing Chicago now and experiencing some turbulence (they call it “chop” in avspeak) I can listen to the in-flight comm channel in the headsets the airline provides….Looks like it’s choppy until just past Des Moines….I’m not really nervous – it feels like riding on the service road at Ladore over the posted speed limit (not that I’ve ever done that……….;-))  Awwwwwwww, Keanu and Sandra are making out…how sweet :-p ….movie’s over…wonder what’s next……

More chop…they say about 10-15 minutes worth…..


Now, we’re on the ground and taxiing to the gate……


My seatmate, the off-duty attendant, showed me the quick way to my departure gate for my Denver to Oakland flight…..more about that flight next time………

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