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Quotes from the ACC Action Summit- thanks Cari for e-mailing me these!

November 4, 2006

“The Greek word for salvation translates into ‘healing.’  Very often a small sign of the kingdom is a part of the process of salvation.  Inside of relationships as people find healing and friendship and release, do we see these as signs of the kingdom?  If He has gone before, then He is doing the work.” – Ricardo  
“Christ is in us and through us, and we have our being through Him.  We’re talking about the Kingdom and it is all-consuming and all pervasive.  If we want to have the Kingdom in us, it’s got to be all or nothing.  The kingdom is not a time or a place, but the active rule of God.  The kingdom strategy is to hide in the world and to die, and therefore expand.  When it expands, all the nations are coming and resting in its branches.  The parable of the great banquet – they reject the invitation.  It’s an example of the kingdom  because all who he is inviting are people who wouldn’t have had access to temple worship.  The people we think don’t have any access to the kingdom – it helps us switch our paradigm.” 

“It’s like a justice issue.  Participation in suffering.  Living life with people.  The Salvation Army was being incarnational because it was involved in life with people.” – Ricardo 

“Talking about the grandmothers, it seemed like the most vulnerable people who went in were the most powerful.” – Chris Mitchell 
“Integrated mission – a few people decided they would integrate themselves, not their programs, into the community.” – Ricardo 
“Our parents, when they are empowered, have no problem taking the streets back.  In most neighborhoods, they may trash the Army, but when confronted, they’re afraid of the uniform and they’re afraid of the mothers.” – Jen Arens 
“The homeless say, ‘That’s great, but I don’t see Jesus right now in front of me handing me a food voucher.’” 
“A concern is keeping up appearances.  A mother doesn’t want to be a mother because she wants to still go to the clubs.  Then there’s the church-going Christian who wants to keep up their old life on the sidelines.” 

“The reason we get out of the building is not only because the world is dark and dying, but because we need to get out to be refreshed.” – Ricardo 
 “I can see all the threads weaving together and making the garment.” 

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