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An ArmyBarmy ShoutOut

January 7, 2007


“It is perhaps a little difficult for us, in our day, to appreciate how strange must have seemed the methods of the Founder, and the spontaneous outbursts of his followers as they often broke even the bounds of seeming decency and refused to be curbed by custom, creed, or convention. They refused to be ‘buttoned up’ and now one has to pause and wonder if at times we are not in danger of losing the very freedom which was our dominant expression. Are we an Army buttoned up in our platform methods? Is it not a fact that in many corps the congregations know the ‘order of service’ for every meeting? No surprise is every thrust upon them…. To command and lead a meeting in such a manner that people are taken off their guard is to provide an opportunity for thrusts that will frustrate the wit of the enemy.” General Wilfred Kitching.

Capt. Court responds to this with: “Freedom is our dominant expression? I suspect that on our good days, discipline is our dominant expression. But it would be sweet to see freedom as our dominant expression (or, love).”

To that, all I can say is AMEN AMEN AMEN

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