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Eric White Update

February 12, 2007

UPDATE: I spoke with John Copeland today and he updated me as to the following information about Eric.  As of now, the doctors are still running tests to determine the cause(s) of the seizures so that they will know how to control/treat them.  Currently, there are no major changes in his condition. For those in Philadelphia, per my conversation with John, Eric’s doctors have requested that there be no visitors until further notice, so that they may have uninterrupted time to treat him.  

If you would like to send a message to Eric, an e-mail account has been set up ( that you can send your well-wishes/prayers/love to him.  We will print out the messages periodically and bring the printouts to Eric.

Please continue to pray for healing for Eric, comfort strength and wisdom for his family, and guidance, wisdom and knowledge for the doctors/nurses/staff treating him.  Also, please pray for those who ministered to Eric’s needs in those first moments after his initial seizure and for those who witnessed it.  Keep John in your prayers as he is a point of contact for the doctors and family.

Updates will follow as more information is available.

Thank you for praying!

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