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March 12, 2007

I went to Starbucks on Saturday with two of my Sisters and, while there, I pondered the possibility of taking a step over to the “dark side” and trying a coffee-based beverage. While considering this choice, in walks who else but Major Lady and Half-friend. Upon hearing that I was deliberating delving into the dark side,” MajorLady enthusiastically (perhaps a little too enthusiastically? just kidding:-) ) offered to buy my first one (this is a lesson you learn in the ‘hood, but in a different context – the first one’s always free :)). Anyway – long story short, after pondering and considering and deliberating, I decided to give it a try…if I didn’t like it, MajorLady would gladly finish it for me. Needless to say, she didn’t need to relieve me of my beverage. However, Sister Lizz says that, if she ever catches me drinking black coffee, I’m disowned…:-) I somehow don’ think that will be a problem… 😀

Man, I could go for a mocha frap right about now…..

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