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When You Pray…

March 15, 2007

“When you pray…”
Not if, but when,
go into your quiet place
  your refuge
     your shelter
unlike the hypocrites
who pray to be seen.
They get their 15 minutes
of fame right away.
But, you who seclude yourself
to be seen only by your Father
will recieve your reward from Him as well.

“When you pray…”
Not if, but when,
be simple of speech
    simple of thought
       concise, to the point.
For your Father
    who hears
and will answer
knows already that
for which you ask.

“When you pray…”
Not if, but when,
this, then, is the model to follow:


You alone are worthy of such a title.
Your name suits only You.

May Your kingdom come soon
to live in men’s hearts,
to dwell on this mortal coil.
May Your will be done now
on earth as in Heaven,
Your plan perfected,
Your will complete.

Today we would ask
for all that we need
to live and to thrive.

Repentance from sins
from sincere hearts flow forth;
Sorrowful for the shame
we bring to Your name.
From the depths of depravity,
our souls to deliver,
grant us forgiveness,
measure for measure,
as we have forgiven others.

When temptations come,
let us not yield
for yielding to such is sin.
But, from our weaknesses
grant a way out
that we may stand yet again.

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