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Being a blessing while being blessed…

May 14, 2007

So, I went to the 24/7 Prayer Room set up at Pendel DHQ on Friday, May 4 at the request of my corps officer…When I got there, I checked out the set-up of the room.  Of course, I gravitated towards the art station.  Grabbing a big piece of paper, I sat down to express what was in my heart through images.   I started to try to paint a scene of a shepherd on a hill watching over a lamb.  The brush that was available was, however, too small.  So, I did what anybody (well, maybe not anybody….) would do – I used my fingers to cover the larger areas with paint, and the brush to do the “detail” work (although there’s not much detail in it).

 Imagine my surprise when my corps officer asked me about it last night.  I had basically forgotten about the piece but when she described it to a few of us in the office, I knew it was mine 🙂  So, this morning I recieved an e-mail from the Graphic Designer down at DHQ with the standard release form so that they may use the painting.

How awesome is that – I was blessed by the time I spent in the DHQ Prayer Room by simply being able to sit and paint a picture of what was in my heart at that moment, and in turn, God used that “sacrifice” of praise (I spent about 45 minutes in the Prayer Room when I should have only spent about 10…I was running late for a meeting.) to bless others.

 I’m reminded of the story of Ruth…..Yes, I know this sounds like a stretch, but bear with me.  She was a blessing to Naomi – sticking with her even when Naomi herself had given up. (See Ruth 1:8-18).  Because of her willingness to stick with Naomi, Ruth was in a position to meet Boaz when the time came, and through that relationship was blessed with a husband, children, and the privilege of being a part of the line of David – from which would come Jesus.

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