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New Beginnings…

March 30, 2008

About 22 years ago, I walked through the doors of The Salvation Army Pioneer Corps for the first time. Although I didn’t know at that time what the years ahead would bring, there was one thing I knew – I was home. The people became my family. I’m fairly certain that there isn’t an area of the building where I don’t have a treasured memory.

It was at the old mercy seat that I knelt at the age of seven to ask Jesus into my heart. It was on the platform that I stood and affirmed my commitment to worship and serve God through The Salvation Army, first as a Jr. Soldier and then as a Sr. Soldier. It was in the old classrooms on the 2nd floor that I first learned of God’s love and grace from my Sunday School teachers. It was throughout the building that I learned through the years of the joy of worshiping God through music. It has been through the ministry of the Wittenbergs that I have received God’s healing for the depression which overtook me for so long.

But, as others have recently done, it is time for me to move on into the future that God has prepared for me. Effective April 3, 2008, I begin the next phase of my life, in Carlisle, PA. I’ll be working as the Program Assistant at the corps there, and will have the opportunity to participate actively in the ministry of the corps. Majors Colin and Brenda DeVault and Captain Christin Kapp will be my Corps Officers.

I’m looking forward to this new phase of life, and I’m excited to see where God takes me from here!

Plus, some kid name Des is really excited about me moving out there for some reason :-)….

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